Demurrage Accounting & Collections

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Our History

It all started with a vision
Our Company began in 1997 with the decision of a group of professionals to provide valuable and necessary services to the shipping industry. We recognized the need to use advanced technologies along with personal service to help track containers outside of the port, which was costing the Carriers and the shipping industry great losses.

Our professionals innovatively created Demurrage Collections Services, kindly known as DCS, to meet this growing new need for the carriers. It was important for the Carriers to have their equipment and containers returned in a timely manner so they could use them for new and future shipping business. That is where our team came in, to help provide these 3rd party services to the Carriers and allow them to utilize demurrage and detention daily charges to help recover the loss of business and ultimately their revenues.
In addition, this program helped educate and provide customers the incentive to return the equipment in a timely manner. Over the years, DCS has made great advancements in regulations and contractual compliance for the industry. We have provided expert services to help alleviate the business challenges the carriers had regarding “after charges” services.

A company in move
Recognized as an innovative industry leader, DCS expanded the business into all Central America and the United State, providing value-added services to almost all the available Carriers. With this overwhelming expansion, DCS began to change the industry, helping educate customers and Carriers on the most effective business strategy and revenue recovery for equipment losses and after charge services.

Today DCS is the most advanced provider of statistical, equipment tracking and after charges company for all North and Central America. Our continued innovation helps provide “real-time” feedback for Carriers to help them organize and run their business most effectively and improve their overall outcomes. As the industry becomes more competitive, DCS provides Carriers a more distinctive and competitive edge over their competition, while improving their outcomes and bottom line.
DCS is a proven industry leader and many companies have tried to imitate our success. However, DCS has always excelled ahead of the competition by improving and encouraging success through our value-added services. DCS provides the Carriers with continued success through Advanced Container Tracking, Demurrage/Detention Invoicing and Import/Export documentation. Highly effective customer service representatives support and educate your customers on the Carrier’s programs and services.

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