Demurrage Accounting & Collections

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Mission Vision Services
To bring the finest services to the Shipping Industry through professional innovation and exceptional services for all customers and partners.

Respect: We hold strong business values and fully respect to our customers, associates, partners and communities.

Teamwork: Our diversity, collaboration and unity brings creativity to our relationships within our company, partners and to your customers. Our services create effective and collaborative decision-making processes to improve the overall outcomes of the Industry.

Integrity: We bring to you the highest ethical standards. Always!

Innovation: As we anticipate changes and alternative approaches, we help you benefit from the many opportunities that continue to arise. We are innovative and informative regarding interesting new ideas in our industry and we employ advanced techniques, technologies and services to achieve remarkable results and outcomes.
Our company philosophy has always focused on “customer satisfaction and professionalism with uncompromising integrity”.

●DCS carries professional services with the finest value and quality in the market. We strive always to exceed our customers’ expectations, ensuring that our management and customer service representatives generate enthusiasm, support and confidence in addressing all your customers' needs.

●Our people are open and honest with you. We are always looking for new and better ways to improve our business relationships and the industry.
We track all containers and equipment to quickly generate your demurrage invoices and delivers them directly to your customers. also collects detailed information about containers and customers to promptly return assets and equipment to your company. We can provide you the following services:


●Port Storage
●Chassis Rental
●Fuel /Electricity
●Container Tracking

We work closely to review invoices, research any issues and validate claims giving support in Customer Relationship Management as our client's most important assets.

Today we're the most advanced provider of statistical, equipment tracking and after charges company for all North and Central America. Our continued innovation helps provide “real-time” feedback for Carriers to help them organize and run their business most effectively and improve their overall outcomes. As the industry becomes more competitive, we provide Carriers a more distinctive and competitive edge over their competition, while improving their outcomes and bottom line.

DCS provides the Carriers with continued success through Advanced Container Tracking, Demurrage/Detention Invoicing and Import/Export documentation. Highly effective customer service representatives support and educate your customers on the Carrier's programs and services.